About This Site

David Hipschman is a writer, editor, pilot, poet, sailor, teacher and consultant living in the Fort Myers, Florida-area. He created this site to share these words and as a repository for his work.

2 Responses to About This Site

  1. Wiliam J. David says:

    Good luck with your new blog. I like your poem about the shoemaker. It seems to be a metaphor for many things today. The question is if there are no more shoemakers, and I have little hope that there will be, what kind of person will be in charge of our shoes?

  2. Wm. (Bill) Morris says:

    You site forwarded by Victor Copeland and Gigi Leader, fellow boat yard captives. Enjoyed your blog, I share your love of animals especially dogs. Your discription of a Setter dead nuts on, I had always considered them like a Spaniel, either brillant or the IQ of a rock, perhaps like humans they share a third classification, stubborn! We also share a love of sail boats, they are at times stubborn, but like Setters, offer a thrill to life rarely matched, your choice of a Bayfield shows you have researched before buying, an excellent choice of a quality boat without to huge an investment. A 32′ easily managed single handed but very comfortable as a home for two, maybe more? If the opportunity arises, take Victor sailing, he is the best sailor I know of, his knowledge he shares in a free manor. He has mentored me for a decade, other than God, my best instructor. visit http://www.matthewspoint.com a shared home port. Bill Morris s/v San Juro a Pearson P30

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