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More Trying Montana —The Code of the West

When we lived in Montana I started writing a book that was to be called “Trying Montana,” about our experiences there. I never finished it, although several chapters are complete, and some of those have been recast as essays and … Continue reading

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Learn to Drive, Or I Wish I Still Had A Squad Car

Tonight’s blog is written tired (and maybe just a little cranky) from having driven home just now straight from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Almost nine hours to go some 575 miles. When I lived in Wyoming we used to refer … Continue reading

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The Catalog of the Lost — The Boy and the Beach

Over the years I have lost things that meant a lot to me, and after hope faded despaired of their recovery. Eventually I think of them less frequently, like old lovers, or the summers of my childhood. The catalog of … Continue reading

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They Might Not Let You Near Your Children

I began writing in this space to reconnect with the daily discipline of words, and over the last few days have strayed from my intent to write each day. With a nod to realism I had established for myself the … Continue reading

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Writers By Name, and Cats

I’m thinking about writers tonight, while outside a huge thunderstorm makes me glad I’m now home snug and dry. The thinking about writers thing is because of an architect friend who I saw earlier this evening. I feel smarter in … Continue reading

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Dread of Writing, Joy of Seeking

I realized only today that part of why I launched this blog is as an experiment to revitalize my relationship with writing. Having spent much of my adult life earning a living with words, sometimes a good living and sometimes … Continue reading

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Musing About Orville and Wilbur

Back on the 107th anniversary of heavier-than-air powered flight last month on December 17, I fell to musing about the significance of what the bicycle makers from Ohio engendered that day on the beach in North Carolina. We all know … Continue reading

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